German Health Insurance Made Easy.

just 3 simple steps

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Make Informed Decision

Public Health Insurance

  • For full time students younger than 30
  • Offers Extensive Medical coverage
  • Cashless doctor visits
  • Existing medical conditions are always covered
  • Regulated by German Government
  • Spouse and children (German residents) can be covered without additional payment

Private Health Insurance

  • Just 35 Eur per month
  • For Language Students, Studienkolleg
  • Powered and covered by ERGO, one of the top insurers in Germany
  • Exclusively for Coracle Blocked Account customers
  • No credit card needed. Payment starts only after arrival
  • Can be used as Travel insurance document for your visa

Student Public Health Insurances

You are free to choose. We are Coracle.

Monthly Premium

Student age from 23 upto 30 without children

Other Students upto 30 years

  • Fundamental coverage as regulated by Govt
  • 24/7 Medical hotline
  • Online booking for Doctor appointment
  • Health Bonus Programm
    for students customer type
  • Branches all over Germany
    (at AOK in responsible region)
  • Support to get Doctor appointment / for
    selecting hospital
  • Live-Chat for Coverage -/ Medical Questions
    days per week
  • Vaccination for private travel
  • Special Treatment for Chronical Asthma and Chronical Diabetes mellitus Type I
  • Customer Contact
  • Processing time during German working hours
TK Techniker Krankenkasse Insurance Germany

120,34 €

117,50 €

  • 100%
  • accpeted Blocked account
  • accpeted Blocked account
  • 30 EUR cash
    if you meet 4 of 6 criteria i
  • 179
  • accepted Blocked account/accpeted Blocked account
  • 5 / 5
  • TK Accepted
  • TK accepted
  • Customer Support Team
  • same day
Barmer germany health insurance

127,65 €

122,78 €

  • 100%
  • Barmer Accepted
  • Barmer Accepted
  • 100 EUR cash
    if you meet 4 of 7 criteria i
  • 391
  • Barmer Accepted/Barmer Accepted
  • 5 / 6
  • accepted Blocked account
  • accepted Blocked account
  • Dedicated Contact Person
  • same day
AOK insurance germany


  • 100%
  • Accepted AOK
  • Accepted AOK
  • 0 EUR cash - 225 EUR cash
    if you meet ? criteria
  • 6 - 250
  • Accepted AOK/ Accepted AOK
  • ? / ?
  • Accepted AOK
  • Accepted AOK
  • Dedicated Customer Person - Customer Support Team
  • 24h
This comparison is not exhaustive. For general overview only.
There are about 100 Public Health Insurances besides AOK, BARMER, TK available in Germany. If you need one of those please contact us.



No, the travel insurance or any other type of insurances taken outside European Union is not accepted for enrolment at the university. All non-EU students (age <30) must take German public health insurance to enrol at the university.

Yes, all the existing medical problems will be covered by public health insurance.

No, you start to pay only after your arrival i.e., after semester start. The first premium will be booked on 15th of the following month of your arrival.

Yes, insurance is independent of university or the city. It is valid all over Germany. This is valid even, if you move to a different city later for internship or thesis.

As public insurances are regulated by German government, all the insurance companies must provide certain basic health coverage. Therefore, there is not much difference between each other, for more details please visit our pages:

As mentioned above, the coverage remains more or less same among insurance companies. Some are bigger than other and some have good history offering cash back programs. We recommend AOK, BARMER and TK. They are well established big public health insurances in Germany.