By Law every resident of Germany must posses a valid Health Insurance.
For students, it is mandatory to show the proof of valid German Health Insurance at the time of enrollment.
Otherwise enrollment is not possible.

Public (Statutory) Health Insurance

Full time students who are younger than 30 years or have completed less than 14 semesters in their home country must register for a Public Health Insurance. There are more than 100 public insurance companies in Germany like TK , HEK, AOK, BKK to name a few. At Coracle you can register to any of them online. We are 100% independent and does not work of any specific insurance company.

To apply for Public Health Insurances other than below listed (like AOK, DAK etc.,) contact us at

Private Health Insurance

If you are older than 30 or have already studied 14 semesters, you can opt for private health insurance. Usually language course students, researchers (PhD) need a private one. Contact Us to get the best private insurance that fits your needs.


Fundamental coverage as regulated by Govt
24/7 medical hotline
Support to get Doctor appointment
Online booking for Doctor appointment
Personal support for selecting hospitals
Chat function to clarify Insurance Coverage / Medical Questions



Vaccination for private travel
Sport Medical examination and consulation

80% of max. 120 EUR

70% of max. 120 EUR

80% of max. 120 EUR
Treatment for Chrionical Asthma
Treatment for Chronical Diabetes mellitus Type I


Student Age from 24 upto 30 without children (mtl. Premium)
Other Students upto 30 years (mtl. Premium)


The Benefits

  • Existing Health ailments are covered
  • Insurance Card is valid in all European Countries
  • Direct settlement of bills by Insurance to Doctor / Hospital
  • Free coverage for non-working spouse and children

The English translation is only for understanding purpose. This comparison is not exhaustive. For more details please refer to the respective insurance providers


NO. The travel insurance or any other type of insurances taken outside European Union is not accepted for enrollment at the university. All non-EU students (age <30) must take German Public Health Insurance to enroll at the university

YES. All the existing medical problems will be covered by Public Health Insurance

NO. You start to pay only after your arrival ie. after semester start. The first premium will be booked on 15th of the following month of your arrival.

YES. Insurance is independent of University or the city. It is valid all over Germany. This is valid even if u move to different city later of internship or thesis.

a. Registering now ensure smooth enrolment process. Insurance confirmation will be sent by email, which is needed for enrolment.
b. Insurance card will be ready by the time you reach Germany. You must have insurance card if you have to visit a doctor.
Make use of the time now. Besides there is no real benefit why one should wait till arrival in Germany

As public insurances are regulated by German government all the insurance companies must provide proper health coverage. Therefore there are no big differences or Best insurance company.

As mentioned above, the coverage remains more or less same among insurance companies. Some are bigger than other and some have good history offering cash back programs. We recommend TK, which is the biggest Public Health Insurance in Germany.