Very quickly my health insurance confirmation was ready to present it to my school. Thanks to Coracle that helped me out. 


Technische Universität Hamburg

Easy & Quick

The content was useful and fast to go through. All the aspects have been covered and the way it has been presented is also quite easy to access. The service provided by your side was very good, the whole process was very quick. 


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

One Stop Solution

I have directly approached the Offices of TK, AOK for required Documents. Little did it help and added more confusion with long list of Documents. Luckily I've got to know about CORACLE, got the Job done. I recommend it.

Thulasi Krishna

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg

Fast and Transparent

The service is fast with complete help from beginning till we get our insurance and followed by an open support to solve any queries we have in future."Satisfied"


Technische Universität Hamburg

Easy and Comfortable

Process was very simple and fast with most of the application filling part was taken care with me being in India. I would suggest people willing to get health insurance to approach Coracle.


Technische Universität Hamburg

Exemplary, Always Available

Made the start of my student journey really smooth. Helped me get my insurance done in a very short notice. They were always available even after I had taken the insurance to help me out with certain translations and issues I faced with bank. Assisted me getting the best deals for the least price. These are very reliable people.


Technische Universität München


I really appreciate for your help, when I was searching for Insurance plan. Samy really helped me proactively and shared the insurance plan with comparison chart for few insurance companies. Also I got promptly reply from you, for my queries. Thanks a lot.


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin


Best experience with this group.They maintains the trust and I hope they will strengthen the bond between students and make services more easy and comfortable and more innovative.


Technische Universität Hamburg

Trustworthy & Reliable Service

The service was super quick. It is a very good move as students have no idea about these things until they come to germany. It's good to do these things in forehand before coming to germany. Samy has personally helped me a lot before and after I came to Germany. His support was always there whenever I needed.


Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig

Perfect, Superfast

In the beginning when I got to know about getting a health insurance from my home country itself, without my physical presence, I was a bit ambiguous,but I completely trusted Coracle, for the same, who was introduced to me by my friend.When I contacted them via Whatsapp/E-mail, the replies that I got were convincing and immediate, hence I went forward and in no time without any hassle or unnecessary documentation my insurance was done. And, all the information/questions that I had, or should have been informed about were and are being done very well. When, I arrived in Germany I already had my insurance which made my start in Germany easy. I will recommend Coracle in future to my friends without any doubt. Thank you!!


Universität zu Köln

Power in your hands

I did my research on the Insurance available in Germany before getting it done through Matthias & Samy. Personally, I had few doubts on choosing the Insurance (safe or cheap) and they guided me with their expert suggestions. Opinions of Professional Experts | Quick response | Always available through email | No Physical Hassles |


Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg


It was really useful to get the insurance soon. People coming from other countries can get insurance easily.


Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Superfast, Useful

I got cooperation from Samy and Matthias regarding health issue related information as and when required.


Technische Universität Hamburg

Fast, Reliable & Impeccable Services

I was totally satisfied with the Insurance services provided by Samy and Matthias. They helped me to get registered at TK Health Insurance within a week while being still in India. Process was very smooth. It helped me to get enrolled at university in time without any troubles and worries.


Universität Paderborn

Robust Process, Meticulous

I saved lot of time by choosing to take the insurance beforehand. Seeing my friends struggling to get enrolled on time due to non availability of insurance made me feel lucky. Thanks to Mr. Samy and Mr. Matthias for the Robust process. I will definitely recommend you guys for upcoming students. All the Best.


Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena – University of Applied Sciences

Trustworthy & Cooperative

Your service is excellent Matthias and samy. The way you guys backed my process for an avail of health insurance was fantastic. It’s been 5 months in Germany for me. Thank you for your help guys and all the best.


Universität Duisburg-Essen

Good Experience

Most reliable source for a good start in a new country. Deducted one star for the reason that some of the post processing of insurance were slow and confusing


Technische Universität Hamburg

Easy and Comfortable

For all the students who get all stressed and worried about insurance in Germany because apparently without that the enrolment is not possible, this is the platform you all need. Very friendly and comfortable. No going anywhere signing forms etc. Just an internet connection and your details rest is done by them. The only thing I got without any hustle-bustle was the insurance that too when I was in India. 


Technische Universität Berlin

Flawless, Responsive, Meticulous

You took care of all of my responsibilties which helps me to reduce my burden and i am thankful for that. I have not even waited for a week to get my process done.I wish you to keep your work up.

Edil Bert

Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen


The whole process was super fast and it helped a lot that I could complete it while being still in India. As a student coming to a new country, the support and guidance that I got was very helpful. Thank you once again.


Technische Universität Berlin