In terms of health insurance registration, it is superfast compared to the other health insurance services in Germany. I would like to recommend it to others always.


FSU Jena

Friendly & Helpful

First Guardians in Germany :)) Matthias and Samy are really helpful. You can reach them out with any doubts and they would be happy to help. The formalities and insurance things were well explained and taken care of.


TU Munich

Super Convenient

It was a great relief to have the health insurance even before my arrival in Germany. It helped me in several occasions as I could do my University Enrollment faster and thereby obtain my semester ticket early. This helped me to save some money during my first days in Dortmund.


FH Dortmund


I would like to thank you first for giving me all the information regarding the insurance.It is really very helpful for the students who are coming from the outside Germany who has no knowledge about the health insurance. You both are doing it in great manner.Your services are really trustful and amazing.You both are doing a great job,thank you so much.


FH Bremen


Health Insurance was one of the biggest confusion we'll have, when we plan for studies in Germany. Samy and Matthias are the most reliable people regarding this.The whole process was completed just through emails and Whatsapp. Both of them are very quick in the responses to our queries.


HS Bremerhaven

Smooth and Speedy

No trouble and tension regarding the insurance registration.The firm is dependable and trustable. The people are very helpful in case of change in plan. Once in Germany, the card is delivered on time.


Aalen University

Very convenient!

Samy and Matthias were very helpful during the whole process and my headache of getting an insurance was solved even before I landed in Germany.They helped me not only to get an insurance but were helpful in solving any problem I had regarding my stay and study.


SRH Heidelberg

Smooth and Simple

Thank you both for the support so far. It’s not just the insurance but your continual support in starting a life in Germany here that makes the whole experience valuable!


Aalen University

Very Useful & Super Fast

The whole process was really effective and transparent. Samy helped me in all my confusions and I got my insurance done just through some mails. I got the insurance card immediately as soon as I came to Germany. The response was immediate from Matthias.


HS Bremerhaven