Free Travel Health Insurance

Sweet Deal! Save Money.

just 3 simple steps

- For your German Study Visa

Incoming Travel Health Insurance


Save upto 90 Euros! You get the Travel Insurance for free as a welcome bonus for becoming our Health Customer.

Best coverage

Unlimited treatment cost (>30K Euros)
No deductibles
German Provider (ERGO Group)


Accepted by all German Embassies and Consulates. 100% Guarantee.


You want to change the start date of your travel insurance? Sure. Anytime.

3 steps. 2 minutes.


Choose your preferred German
Health Insurance.


Activate the check-box for
travel insurance.


Go. Have fun. Certificate will
reach you by email.

Student Public Health Insurances

You are free to choose. We are Coracle.

Monthly Premium

Student age from 23 upto 30 without children

Other Students upto 30 years

  • Fundamental coverage as regulated by Govt
  • 24/7 Medical hotline
  • Online booking for Doctor appointment
  • Health Bonus Programm
  • Branches all over Germany
  • Support to get Doctor appointment and for
    selecting hospital
  • Live-Chat for Coverage -/ Medical Questions
    days per week
  • Vaccination for private travel
  • Special Treatment for Chronical Asthma and Chronical Diabetes mellitus Type I
  • Customer Contact
  • Processing time during German working hours

105,13 €

103,27 €

  • 100%
  • 30 EUR cash
    if you meet 4 of 6 criteria i
  • 179
  • /
    5 / 5
  • Customer Support Team
  • same day

108,77 €

106,91 €

  • 100%
  • 100 EUR cash
    if you meet 4 of 7 criteria i
  • 391
  • /
    5 / 6
  • Dedicated Contact Person
  • same day
ikk gesund plus



  • 100%
  • 60 EUR cash
    if you meet 6 of 8 criteria i
  • 39
  • /
    0 / 0
  • Customer Support Team
  • 5 days
This comparision is not exhaustive. For general overview only.
There are around 100 Public Health Insurances (AOK,DAK, HKK etc.) available in Germany. If you need one of those contact us.



YES. Our FREE Incoming Travel Health Insurance comply with all the German/Schengen Visa requirements for students coming to Germany. 100% acceptance for Visa application.

The list provided by Consulates is to show you which Travel Insurance from your country (local providers)are accepted. As not all the local insurance providers meet the visa requirements, Consulates list approved ones to avoid confusions. Travel Insurances provided by established German companies comply with all the requirements and are accepted by ALL German Consulates Below is a screenshot from Offical Consulate page Screenshot from German Consulate website

Gemany based ERV ERGO (Europische Reise Versicherung) is the provider.

Your travel insurance will be valid from this date. It is safer to use the start date of your visa (the date you plan to mention in the “Intended date of Travel” part of your Visa application)

As the travel insurance will have a longer coverage period, a rough estimate of your start date is fine. If needed, you can change this date at a later date

Yes, of course. This is optional. If you wish not to have the travel insurance, you can choose not to activate the checkbox for the travel insurance.