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Our Story

Long Long ago, not so long ago two curious heads, drinking tea (one Green, the other Herbal) with a strong desire to address the frustration of students coming to Germany came up with the idea of Coracle. We wanted to have our Brand reflects our motto to create simple, yet elegant solutions.

Coracles are small, smartly structured round boats used in Asia and in some parts of UK. The history and construction of coracle fits our ideology of being simple, yet functional. We are driven by our intrinsic motivation to Bring Changes that Bring Smiles on Students faces.

  • Received $ 5mn in Series A funding

    The “World” before Coracle

    Before Coracle (BC 2015)
  • Set up InstaReM in Australia

    Seed was planted.

    Winter 2015
  • Received licenses for operations in the US

    Testing the water

    Summer 2016
  • Started operations in Singapore and Hong Kong

    Full digital HI Application (1st in Germany)

    Winter 2016
  • Received $ 13mn in Series B funding

    Big leap in Processing Speed

    Summer 2017
  • Started operations in Australia

    Sweet year. Overwhelming response from all-over

    Winter 2017
  • Entered EU market with EMI license from Bank of Lithuania

    New member in Family. FREE Travel Insurance.More Happy faces

    Summer 2018
  • Received RBI approval for India-outbound remittances

    New Sibling is Born. Blocked Account

    Winter 2018
  • Started operations in Malaysia

    Growing bigger in size & shape together

    Winter 2018

How do we maintain 4.9 star Rating?

Coracle Achievement


100%. ALWAYS. So we all sleep Better.
Coracle Work goal


Easiest process you ever see. Why mess-up when we can clean-up.
German Insurance process


We continuously Improve to make life easier. We are crazy about it.

We’re On A Mission...

To provide Awesome Solutions to chase your German Dream.

Coracle Hape-1 Shapes

Listen to those Dreamers