For those who are not aware of what a coracle is, the word may sound like a cheesy way to get attention by altering the word Oracle. Coracles are cute little, simple yet smartly structured round boats used in some parts of UK and in India. The history and construction of coracle fits our ideology of being simple, yet diverse in function. We believe in keeping things simple, yet effective

About Us


 Our core values define who we are and what we stand for. They guide us in our daily business life and behavior. These are the foundation for Coracle, which support us in realising our strategic direction.We ensure each of our actions reflects our core values. Our Motto “It is equally important not only to look at what we, but how we do it”. We never promote or recommend useless or low standard products, ever. 



We know Trust must be earned and not asked for. Our fundamental belief is that Coracle will be a trustworthy name to our customers only when we maintain high integrity and transparency, ALWAYS.


Being neutral gives us good sleep at night. We do not want our recommendations to be influenced by third parties. We simply prefer to stay neutral and provide our consultation true to our heart and knowledge. Our success so far reinstates our belief in being neutral.

Customer Focus

This is where we strive to stand-out. We are not a perfect pie. Our internal Continuous Improvement Initiatives (CII) are established to receive the voices of our customers with open ears and to make a step towards perfection. We are very grateful for all those insightful feedback we get from our customers. No benchmarking reports will match our own customer voices.





Very experienced independent insurance advisor. When it comes to Insurance, Matthias is our Oracle at Coracle. Practising RajaYoga Meditation for more than a decade. Passionate about different cultural practices and food. Can't handle spicy food!



Experiencing Germany since 2004. Believes there is always a better way to do things. Pocket full of new ideas. Member of a north-German Marksmen club and part of a private Roadster club. Passionate about bringing cultures together. Green tea junkie!