German Blocked Account.

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just 3 simple steps

- For your German Study Visa

Open your Blocked Account online.

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Easy & Fast

No stress after arrival. No complex identification process to access money. Get confirmation certificate within 2 hours.
Coracle Approved Document


Approved by German Federal Foreign Office. Accepted by all German Embassies and Consulates.
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Escrow account with no external access. Controlled by regulated escrow partner.
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Best Price

Just 99 Euros upto 1 year. Cheapest digital solution. No monthly fee.



We require only your passport to open a blocked account. For some nationals, our partner bank might require additional identification document such as National ID or admission letter, etc.,

You can activate your blocked account by updating your account details that supports SEPA transfers on the portal.
Portal Link :

An international transaction might take 3-5 working days. In case you transfer the funds from Germany / SEPA region, it takes 1-2 business days to receive the confirmation letter for the visa process.

Simply write an email to us at, along with the information on how many months the account needs to be extended and the amount that need to be blocked monthly to extend your blocked account.