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    Blocked Account Germany

    Get all the benefits, minus all the complications! Starting at €59*

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    Just 99 Euros. Thats it. No monthly fees, no hidden charges, no cash backs, etc.

    Rocket Fast Opening

    Open your blocked account within 2 hours

    100% Acceptance Rate

    Accepted by all German Embassies & Consulates.

    Local Currency Transfer

    Transfer in your local currency and save money on International transfers

    Our all inclusive Package

    Package offer for University Students, Language Studies and Studienkolleg

    Are you an international student who needs a blocked account before beginning your studies?

    The current monthly amount a student must have blocked, according to the German government, is 934€. The total amount can be calculated by the total number of months you plan to stay in Germany for your studies. But don't worry! You only need to secure the blocked amount for a maximum of one year (12 months). After that, you can simply extend your blocked account. To give you an example, we''ll break down the costs for you for a 12 month period stay in Germany.

    Price breakdown for a 12-month Blocked Account in Germany.

    934€ x 12 months = 11.208€

    Coracle Fee: 99€ (59€ with PRIME)

    80€ Buffer (Returned to student with the first payout).

    No Monthly Maintenance Fees!

    Total: 11,387€ (80€ returned with first payout)

    Simple steps to set up and use your Blocked account

    Apply Online

    Tell us some basic information about yourself and your study plans. It only takes about 2 minutes.

    Receive all necessary documents within a few hours in our secure portal

    After we’ve verified your information, you will receive all your necessary documents to your personal dashboard in our secure portal. This should take up to a few hours max.

    Transfer Funds

    Send in your local currency using our partners and get a confirmation of your funds in the same day!

    Activate Your Account

    Once you reach Germany, share your account details with us and begin receiving your funds.

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    # Student Benefits

    Personal Dashboard

    Be in control with access to your own personal dashboard where you can track your money and access any updated documents you might need.

    Fastest & Friendliest Support

    Enjoy our team's industry leading, fastest response rate ever (from a human of course)!

    You're in Good Hands

    Thousands of international students trust us and awarded us with a 4.9 star rating

    No Hidden Charges or Fees

    We mean what we say. No monthly fees, no cash backs, no rebates, no special codes in the fine print. Just the lowest rate for your blocked account on the market. Period.

    German Blocked Account - FAQs

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