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    Congratulations for getting the your admission letter to your dream course!

    Now its time to set up your blocked account, health insurance and travel insurance.

    As a Studentkolleg or language student, starting this journey is an exciting adventure. It is full of opportunities for growth and exploration. However, in the midst of this excitement, it’s crucial not to forget about important tasks like setting up blocked account. You’ll also have to arrange health and travel insurance for your upcoming visa appointment. To solve this issue, Coracle is excited to introduce ‘Prime PRE.’ It’s a comprehensive package that brings together everything for Studentkolleg and language students in one place.

    With PRIME PRE, Coracle can ensure you have everything you need for your visa appointment at one place. This saves time and money.

    We have a perfectly tailored package for you which will ease your visa process and your starting life in Germany.

    • Fast and Digital Blocked Account approved by the German Foreign Offices
    • Registration for Health Insurance! (Cannywings)
    • FREE incoming Travel Insurance 

    Why should I take the PRIME PRE package?

    • Get everything you need in one place for your German student visa appointment
    • Peace of mind knowing that your blocked account, health, and travel insurance are all approved by the German embassy.
    • No surprises on the day of your appointment!
    • No Monthly maintenance fee (Which separates us from other providers).
    • Receive the buffer amount of 80 euros in your first payout.
    • Private health insurance with Cannywings, powered by ERGO.
    • FREE incoming travel insurance with Cannywings (Save 98 euros).


    At Coracle, we understand the unique needs of Studentkolleg and language students, which is why we’ve curated a package that goes above and beyond to cater to those needs. 


    How to apply for PRIME PRE


    Step 1: Go to the Coracle website: Coracle

    Step 2: In the menu bar, navigate to “Our Services” and select “Preparatory Students” under “PRIME (3-IN-1) PACKAGES.” This should redirect you to the relevant page.


    Step 3: Scroll down to the end of the page and click on apply

    With the PRIME PRE package, students will get the blocked account which is needed.

    In addition, a Language student or Studienkolleg will also need to be insured for the dureation of their studets. These students are not elligiblie for German Public Health Insurance. 

    Coracle has partnered with ERGO to offer a special Private Insurance curated for students called Canny Wings!


    PRIME PRE students will also have the added bonus of receiving FREE Incoming Travel Insurance!

    For more information on health insurance, you can visit this blog


    Click on “Apply” to proceed with the application process.

    You will be redirected to the application form. Fill out the entire form with accurate information.


    After completing the form, submit it.


    Upon submission, you should receive confirmation that your application has been received. Coracle will then process your application and you will receive the login details for your Coracle online Student Portal. 

    Once you login, you can access all of your important blocked account and Insurance documentation.


    Make sure to double-check all the information you provide in the application form to ensure accuracy. If you encounter any issues or have specific questions during the application process, you can reach out to our customer support for assistance via mail support@coracle.de


    We hope that this will give you a more clear picture about the PRIME PRE Package provided by coracle. Please remember that in any case, should you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to our support team at support@coracle.de.

    To read a more detailed FAQ section, visit us here.

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