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    Good documents may seem like an obvious thing to have when applying for your blocked account but in reality, many people are not sure what makes a document “good” or “bad”. In this blog, we’ll delve into the distinction between good and bad document submissions and what things you should keep in mind while uploading any documents to the Coracle portal.

    Note: Having good documents will speed up your blocked account process and is guarenteeed to lower your stress levels!

    The Importance of Good Documentation

    Your documents serve as your first point of contact with the coracle, and they play a crucial role in determining the efficiency of your application process. Here are some ways having good documents can improve your overall process:

    1. Faster Processing.High-quality, clearly legible documents are processed more quickly by the Coracle team. This means less waiting time for you and faster access to your blocked account details.
    2. Reduced Errors: Good documents reduce the likelihood of errors or discrepancies during the process. This helps streamline the application process and minimizes the need for reuploading any document.

    Let’s break down he documents needed for your blocked account application and go through what makes that a good document.


    While applying for the blocked account, you’ll be asked to upload your passport.


     Place your ID on a plain background and hold the camera close to the document.  

     Ensure all corners of the ID are visible and all text is clear, then take the photo.






    Blurry or unclear images that are unreadable may cause delays in the process of opening your blocked account. You will need to upload the document again for verification.







    If your hand covers any text on the document, you might need to upload it again. Make sure all the text is easily visible without needing to move the document around. Find a position where you can capture the document clearly without any obstructions.






    If the borders of your documents are cropped out of the image, you may need to upload the document again.

    Ensure that the entire document, including its borders, is visible in the image.

    Position the document properly to capture all edges without cutting any part off.

    Avoid cropping out any essential details to prevent delays in the verification process.



    Make sure your document does not have a flash reflection on any of the pages or importante information. When taking a picture of your document, be mindful of flashlights that can obscure and render information unreadable. It’s crucial to capture the document without disruptive glare or reflections to ensure clarity.






    Do not convert your image into black and white. Keep it original (color) only.







    Admission Letter

    Some common mistakes we see with the admission letter upload that causes delays in blocked account processing are:

    1. Selecting the incorrect document. Please take a moment to double check that you have uploaded the correct documentation.
    2. Please make sure this is the most current up to date admission letter you have and clearly states your name and University.

    Note: You MAY upload a conditional letter but please note that you will need to upload the admission letter as soon as you have it.

    Note: If you change your university, you can easily upload a new admission letter in your online student portal.


    Passport Size Photo

    Many students are unclear on why we ask for a passport size photo. The photo is used for your Health Insurance Card. 

    This instruction is specifically for students applying for the PRIME Package or Health Insurance.

    When uploading your photo, remember that it will appear on your health insurance card. For a professional look, it’s best to choose a formal photo.


    Aditional Payer Documentation

    If someone else is sending money, such as a parent or sibling, we require their ID document with a photo (such as a passport or national ID) before they transfer the funds.

    When uploading these documents, please remember the guidelines described above for uploading your passport.

    Unclear documentation from payers will cause a delay in blocked account processing and money transfer, so please use the tips above to ensure a smooth process!


    We hope this has been helpful for your and gives you all the tools to succesfully apply for your blocked account in the fastest and most efficient way.

    Coracle is excited to support you in this journey!

    To apply for a blocked account, click here


    To read more about how to apply for a blocked account, you can click here.

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